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Wedding Planning Timeline/Overview (part 2)




When doing the wedding planning, work backwards from the 'big day' according to the timeline presented below.




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Wedding planning - Six to twelve months before your wedding date is the time when you need to make most of your reservations and put down deposits. In your wedding planning, you've got to get a rough but fairly accurate estimate of the number of guests you'll have because each wedding location can accommodate a certain number of people and you want a location that can

comfortably accommodate everyone. In your wedding planning, here's what needs to be accomplished during this timeframe.


1. Select and reserve locations for the wedding ceremony and the reception
2. Interview and reserve your professional talent including: Wedding Musician or Wedding Band or DJ, Wedding Photographer/Videographer, Wedding Flower arranger, Caterer, Wedding cake baker, Wedding official, Wedding planner or consultant (optional)
3. Select and confirm wedding party attendants for both bride and groom
4. Select wedding party attire and coordinate fittings
5. Arrange transportation for bridal party on the big day
6. Place engagement information in local newspaper


Wedding planning - Four months before your wedding date is the time to make sure everything is in place.

1. Finalize your guest list including complete mailing address for wedding invitations
2. Order wedding invitations
3. Select a
destination for the honeymoon, make hotel and airfare reservations, get passports
4. Reconfirm that bridal party dresses are on order and menswear rental attire is coordinated
5. Begin planning the wedding shower
6. Register at bridal registries for shower and wedding gifts – if not registering at national chains, remember to register at stores that are local to the families of both bride and groom
7. Reserve suite for bride and groom's wedding night
8. Reserve block of hotel rooms for out-of-town wedding guests
9. Shop for and order wedding rings
10. Make sure you both agree where you will live once you're married



Wedding planning- Two months before your wedding date:

Give yourself a momentary pause while reading what there is to read here on wedding dress. Use this pause to reflect on what you have so far written on wedding dress.

1. Address and mail wedding invitations
2. Make preparations for rehearsal dinner
3. Coordinate details for marriage license in state where marriage ceremony will take place
4. Coordinate, order, or make decorations and favors for wedding
5. Select the music you want for the ceremony and the reception


Wedding planning - One month before your wedding date:

1. Have the wedding shower
2. Complete final fittings for bridal dress and all bridal attendants
3. Coordinate and schedule all hair and make-up appointments
4. Purchase gifts for bridal party and groomsmen


Wedding planning - Two weeks before your wedding date:

5. Get marriage license
6. Begin process of changing name on credit cards, social security card, driver's license, bank accounts
7. Prepare seating arrangements and prepare place cards
8. Make sure accommodations for out-of-town guests are in order
9. Reconfirm all details with those who have been hired
10. Prepare change of address paperwork, pack and get ready to move (if applicable)
11. Give final count to caterer
12. Practice hair and make-up styles; grooms should get hair cut now


Wedding planning - Day before wedding your wedding date:

1. Hold rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
2. Get some rest


Wedding planning - The Big Day

1. Make it to the ceremony on time
2. Bring wedding rings
3. Have a means of paying final tab for all services rendered and have cash for tips
4. Eat before ceremony so you don't get sick
5. Smile pretty for your pictures
6. Be proud because you've just pulled off a major feat!!


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